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What does dental implant mean?

dental implant

Artificial tooth root, generally of titanium, which completely replaces the function of the natural root and is completely invisibly integrated into the jaw.
Implants can be used to replace an individual tooth, multiple adjacent teeth or all teeth. They are completely resistant to loading and feel exactly the same as natural teeth when chewing.
The small titanium bodies are artificial high-tech tooth roots, which become fully integrated into the jawbone. They act as if they were a part of you and make a stable foundation for single-tooth crowns, larger bridges or prostheses. Implant-borne teeth act like your "second set of teeth" ? and they also feel like it. Healthy neighboring teeth are not damaged to fix bridges in place ? tissue structures and bone structures are retained. Our implants provide a secure solution for every age and most situations. Permanent, strong and as individual as you yourself.

dental implantology
Dental specialty that is concerned with the complete range of planning, placement and restoration of artificial tooth roots in the jaw
The goal is complete functional and esthetic restoration of single teeth or the complete dentition.

Whatever the reason for having to replace a missing tooth, implants provide the ideal solution for most clinical or dental situation and most esthetic wish.

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Last modified: 2022-05-20